Welcome to Courtleet! This is my blog of various recipes I find and collect to share here. It serves as my personal cookbook, for both food and drink, broadcast on the Internet to share. Pop it up on your preferred device and have at it.

My writing style here is to be very direct and to the point. No flowery paragraphs or personal thoughts or a clusterbomb of ads getting in the way of why you came to read a recipe online.

Here’s the ingredients, here’s the tools, here’s the process. That’s it.

And if there is any “afterthoughts”, it’s written like a tech manual to explain what I need to explain, and conveniently after the actual recipe, instead of clouding up your intended reading.

And as a heads up, I don’t have the personal resources to try all of these recipes out. They’re mostly stuff I find and want to catalog. So feel free to chime in any insights you have if you do any of them.


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